Buckley Kiwanis Food Bank


The Buckley Kiwanis Food Bank will provide healthy food to the community of Buckley and surrounding areas.

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Where to find us:
We are located at 127 North River Ave.
Buckley, Washington

Mailing Address:
PO Box 29 Buckley, Washington 98321

Hours of Operation


Wednesdays and Fridays
from 9 am to 12 pm

To pick up food

Come to 127 North River Avenue (Buckley Hall),  Buckley, WA. 98321

We will need to know your name and birthday and the names and birthdates of each person in your household who will be receiving food.

No income qualification required.

No appointment is needed.

Please do not throw away unwanted food.  We will take back unopened items.

How can you help?

You can support us a number of ways:

  • Donate food
  • Volunteer your time
  • Organize a food drive
  • Donate money

We would love to have responsible and reliable people to volunteer.   Come into the food bank and see how we operate and we’ll figure out the best position for you to help your  community.

We rely on donations.

The food bank will accept donations at the food bank during operating hours.  Please bring in your food donations in person.  Do not leave food on the outside ramp, as we are only open Wednesday and Friday mornings and the food could become unusable outside in the weather. Please no expired items.

Call 253-266-7309 before your food drive and we will let you know what types of foods we are short of at that time.

We will bring you crates to store the food in during the drive.

We will pick up the food from your food drive on a Tuesday morning. 

Please pre-arrange food pick up by calling the food bank.

Our History

In 1979 the Senior Center and the Buckley Food Bank shared the Multi-Purpose Center and a van. 

 The food bank was staffed by senior center volunteers for many years. In 1990 the population of Buckley was 3500, when the City provided space and new access at the rear of Buckley Hall for the Buckley Kiwanis Food Bank to move into.

The Buckley Food Bank, in 1993, was notified a 1990 Chevrolet pick-up with a canopy for the sole use of the food bank was purchased by the City of Buckley. 

The Buckley Food Bank was successfully transferred to the Buckley Kiwanis Club in 1997.


Years in Service

 The food bank in 2023 is still operating out of Buckley Hall, and still serving Buckley which now has a population more than doubled what it was in 1990.

About Us

Unlike most food banks, the Buckley Kiwanis Food Bank is a 100% volunteer organization. No one is paid, so all donations are used for items we need to purchase for the food bank clients.

Sponsored By: Kiwanis International and the City of Buckley

Kiwanis Club of Buckley Foundation

Our Team

Keith Banks

Board Member

Bryan Paulson

Board Member

Christine Banks

Board Member

Nancy Moriarty

Board Member

Wayne Heisserman

Board Member

Rich deJean

Board Member

Rick Pabst

Board Member

Thank you to our partners

The many generous individuals and families of Buckley and surrounding area.

Group 4

The Buckley Kiwanis Food Bank will provide healthy food to the community of Buckley and surrounding areas.


129 North River Avenue,
Buckley, Washington 98321, USA

PO Box 29
Buckley, Washington 98321

Hours of Operation

Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm.

Call us

(253) 266-7309

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